Get started, learn the first steps
Reality Mesh Models
Learn how to create reality mesh models
3D models & 3DCityDB
Create Datasets from 3D-model collections
Connect to WMS/WCS and create layers
Bing Maps
Configure Bing Maps for your coordinate system
Scripting Features in DataManager
Learn to script how Features are visualized
Create Datasets from DTM/DSM with raster texturing
Clipping and Masking
Learn how to clip and/or mask your data
Feature Data
Import from files and spatial databases
Final steps
Configure the final steps and use the map in the Editor
Data types
Supported file formats, services and databases
Advanced settings
Learn more about the advanced features and settings


Reality Modeling SIG
This SIG shows the step-by-step process for preparing your reality model and project content for use in OpenCities Planner
Spatial Database Integration
Listen to an overview of OpenCities Planner and how it works with Microsoft Azure. Learn how to connect and interact with spatial databases for semantic city models, classification data and assets
Training Workshop
The most common workflows in DM explained