OpenCities Webinar, June 2023

Our OpenCities Planner latest Product news , and 2 new guest presenters with their unique use cases:

  • Thomas Gaarde Madsen, Head of Department of Planning, Ministry of Finance and Equality in Greenland, presenting their OCP project 3D model of Greenland’s ice-free terrain, that covers the whole Greenlandic region.
  • Michael O’Donnell, Station Officer from the City of Dublin and their D-TER Digital Twins for Emergency Response project.

OpenCities Webinar, March 2023

Our OpenCities Planner latest news and updates, features and function in development, and 2 new guest presenters with their notable projects:

  • Belynda Gibbons from New South Wales Port Authority (Australia)
  • Žygimantas Pagalys and Arūnas Urbšys from VGTU – Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania)

Topics covered:

  • Reliability and Performance
  • “Locate me” for mobile
  • Multi-select features and reporting
  • iOS fixes
  • Mobile search
  • ShowRoom Idle animations
  • Improved iModel configuration
  • iModel re-locate settings

OpenCities Webinar, December 2022

Get updated on all our Latest Updates and News, and features in development!

Watch and get inspired by Use cases from:

  • Kim Cohen from Sydney Airport and their Project, Winners in YII in Facilities, Cities and Campuses Category (Australia)
  • Angie Arroyo Mendez from A-lab (Norway)
  • Jesper Rye Rasmussen from NIRAS (Denmark)

Topics covered:

  • GPS locate me
  • UX Refresh: Layer buttons
  • Toolbar menus UX refresh
  • iModel configuration settings
  • iTwin scene Extension v0.3
  • PoC: Google 3DTiles
  • Bug fixes & Improvements

OpenCities Webinar, October 2022

In this OpenCities Webinar,  you can get updated on all our Latest Updates and News, exciting upcoming features, How-To instructions for our ShowRoom new version, and unique Use Cases from Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania and Helsinki Planning Department.

Topics covered:

  • Multilevel Start screens
  • New ShowRoom with iTwin support released
  • Upgrade to iTwin.js 3.x
  • Library and custom WKT coordinate systems
  • Correct elevation scaling EPSG:3857
  • Search & Query tool
  • ProjectWise Document linking
  • Tips & tricks
  • Use cases:
    • City of Helsinki Planning Department
    • Kaunas University of Technology

OpenCities Planner Webinar, June 2022

This OpenCities Planner Webinar, gives you an insight into our latest Product news and what is coming next, exciting Tips and Tricks to help you improve your projects, and interesting Use cases for your Inspiration!

Topics covered:

  • iModel updates from OCP
  • Draw Tools in Editor
  • Searchable project content
  • TerraForm improvements
  • Attribute window redesign
  • 3DTiles & W3SM from ContextShare
  • Email invitation setting in Team Manager
  • ShowRoom updates
  • Search & Query tool & improvements
  • Tips & tricks
  • Use cases

OpenCities Planner Webinar, March 2022

Watch our webinar and get a taste of our newest features and upcoming ones, improve your projects with some cool Tips and Tricks, and get inspired by some exciting user Stories!

Topics covered:

  • 3D Tiles and Web-ready scalable Mesh support
  • Source information
  • Ad-hoc workflow to create iModels
  • Centralized user management, including complex projects
  • iModel updates from OCP
  • Draw Tools in Editor
  • Searchable project content
  • TerraForm improvements
  • Seamless OCP and Orbit integration
  • Tips & Tricks
  • User Stories​

OpenCities Planner News and Updates, November 2021

This Webinar gives you an insight into our latest News and exciting product features.

Topics covered:

  • Start Pages
  • WFS-support
  • New styling of your Dialogue submissions
  • Drag and drop support for BIM files
  • DataManager News
  • iModel enhancements
  • Project grouping
  • Orbit Integration

OpenCities Planner News and Updates, November 2020

In this webinar we talk about the news and updates in OpenCities Planner. We mention the changes for our users once migrated to the new OpenCities Planner platform.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction
  • User Visas
  • Showroom
  • DataManager
  • BIM models in OCP
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Example projects

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What’s new in OpenCities Planner

Webinar in Swedish, primarily for customers using the legacy version of OpenCities Planner (OpenCities Planner).

Topics covered:

  • Bentley digital cities solutions
  • Product news & overview of features released in 2019
  • Migration of legacy OpenCities Planner accounts to OpenCities Planner
  • Q & A

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SIG: Spatial Database Integration with OpenCities Planner

Learn how to connect and interact with spatial databases for semantic city models, classification data and assets. See practical demonstrations of OpenCities Planner in action.

Topics covered :

  • Connect and interact with spatial databases for semantic city models, classification data and assets
  • Integrate 3DCityDB and CityGML models
  • Extrude 2D polygons to 3D with geometry and attributes from database

SIG: Digital Twins for Urban Planning and Development

This SIG shows the step-by-step process for preparing your reality model and project content for use in OpenCities Planner.

Topics covered:

  • Export settings in ContextCapture
  • Uploading and processing the reality model using DataManager
  • Using the uploaded reality model combined with 3D models in a project

Tech Talk: Digital Twins for Urban Planning and Development

See how Helsinki, Stockholm, and Gothenburg efficiently share and communicate urban plans for their cities with citizens and stakeholders by using OpenCities Planner.

In this session, learn how to:

  • Add real-world digital context with a reality mesh
  • Combine and visualize existing data with the reality mesh
  • Present your project in a clear and visual way using OpenCities Planner
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2018-05-02: Preparing 3D models for OpenCities Planner

This webinar is about the process of optimizing, preparing and importing 3D models into OpenCities Planner. Learn about file formats, geo referencing and making models interactive.