Explaining the Project View Interface

“Project View” is the published website, everything that is visible to the public excluding the Editor interface you see when you are logged in to OpenCities Planner. 

Let’s run through the various parts of Project View.


Ribbon buttons switch between different parts of the interface. They include INFORMATION and CONTENT by default, while the Dialogue Form & Answer buttons can be added to Dialogue Projects.

The square ‘Logo button’ on the left side of the Ribbon serves two functions: Branding and hiding the interface. Edit it to add your own mark and/or disable the hide UI feature.


The Toolbar sits above the Ribbon, on the right side of the screen. This is where you will find useful tools such as View Mode, Free Flight, Measure, Sun & Shadows, and Transparency.

Click an icon to use or activate a Tool, most open a window with unique options and/or information.

Tool Window

The Tool Window can be minimized and maximized. Use the arrow icons on the top right of the Window or left side of the Toolbar to toggle the state.

Common Tools

  • null
    Lock the camera in the top-down perspective with the 2D/3D Toggle button
  • null
    Enable the Free Flight mode to navigate using arrow keys and view direction with the mouse.
  • Measure
    Use Measure for tasks such as determining area, height, or the distance between places
  • Sun & Shadows
    With Sun & Shadows, you can change the sun’s position based on time & date
  • Transparency
    Transparency makes it possible to view subterranean structures

Content Buttons

The Content Buttons are large circular buttons located along the right side of the screen.

  • Viewpoint
    Viewpoints are shortcuts to different camera positions – click them and fly some place interesting
  • null
    Layers contain different kinds of content – clicking a Layer Button toggles the content on and off in the 3D world
  • null
    Some Projects use Groups to organise Layers that belong together

Navigation & Graphics Settings

  • null
    The Navigation Icons on the left side of the Editor show simple instructions on how to navigate
  • null
    The Graphics Settings Icon in the bottom left corner lets you choose a graphics setting that best suits your computer.


Nearly everything in the Project View interface can be customised, from colours to graphics to text.