Team: Administrators, Creators & Viewers Explained

Sharing projects with and collaborating with colleagues and partners unlocks the power of OpenCities Planner. Anyone with an email address and web browser can view your work.

Stop, Collaborate, & View

Once you’ve saved a project, you’re able to invite some folks to collaborate or view it. Let’s walk through how this works.

  • From the Top bar on the top side of your screen, open the Team Manager window:
  • So long as you are not the only member of your instance, you can invite colleagues to collaborate on your project. If you need to invite users to your instance, read more about it on our User Management page.
  • Use the Invite section to add a collaborator (the checkmark grants administration rights).


When someone is invited, OpenCities Planner sends a notification email so you don’t need to.


  • Anyone with a valid email address can be invited as a Viewer.
  • Switch from the Editors tab to Viewers with the dropdown at the bottom of the window.

Task: Add an Editor user from your instance*

Task: Add a Viewer user

* = if possible

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