To access projects that you have created or been given access to, click the Project manager button in the top bar. Project and Portals are separated in the list and you can search for a specific project in using the search field.

Open projects and portals

Click a project or a portal in the list to open it.


To delete a project or a template, click on it in the list and then click the Delete icon in the bottom of Project Manager.

Switching between Your/Instance’s/Template projects

You can switch between your projects & portals, the instance’s projects & portals and the Templates that are created on this Instance by using the drop down in the bottom of the project manager window.

To see all the Instance’s projects & portals, you have to have Instance admin privileges. If you are instance admin, you will have access to everything created on the instance.

Templates are also accessible from the Project manager by selecting it from the drop down in the bottom of the window.