The project info content is shown when the user clicks the Project Info ribbon button. This window can also be set to show on startup of the project. The Project Info can be shown as a popup window or as a side panel.

You can choose whether to use Default or Embedded content style.

In the Default content style, you add text, images and other content directly in OpenCities Planner.

  • Title
    The title is shown in the popup window title bar, as well as the title of the website itself.
  • Images
    The project info window can have images. These images can be viewed in windows mode or fullscreen. An image can have a caption. You upload images by clicking the square icon with a plus icon or by dragging images from your harddrive into the image section.
  • Description
    The description is show in the project info window below the images. The text can be formatted, you can include links and custom html code.
  • Attachments
    You can attach documents to the project info window. Just click the Upload button and select files from your harddrive.
  • Sharing
    This section lets you customize which social media channels you want to include in the Share part of the project info window. Just click the icons to toggle them.