Points of interest objects are icons placed in the 3D-world with an optional popup window that can show text, images, links and attachments. Add a point of interest by clicking in the 3D-world where you want to place it. You can change the position by dragging the icon in the map.

You can add Points of interests in either Single or Multiple mode. In Single mode, you click the map where you want to add the point of interest and then you set the properties for that object.

In Multiple mode, you start by setting the styling properties and then you can add multiple points of interest with the same style by clicking on the map where you want to add them.

These are the settings for the marker:

  • Coordinates and altitude
  • Size
  • Style (Simple Marker, Icon Marker, Icon Only or None)
  • Color (N/A for Icon Only and None style options)
  • Icon (N/A for Simple Marker and None style options.
  • Text label
  • Font size

On Click

You can configure what happens when the user clicks on a point of interest icon. The default action is to display a Details window with content that you upload in the editor. But you can also choose to Embed code, Run script and None.

Details window
The details window is shown when the point of interest is clicked. The settings for the window are:

  • Title
  • Images
  • Description
  • Attachments
  • Sharing
  • Style options for the window
  • Start view


This tab lists all the interactions that affect this object.

There’s also a Target link which creates a link that you can use to open the Details window for the point of interest from a web page. The link is HTML-formatted, so to use it in for instance the project window, you have to add it in Source code mode in the description field editor.