OpenCities Planner integrates with iModelHub using the iModel Manager. By authenticating with Bentley Services the user can access iModels from their iTwinProjects and load them in OpenCities Planner.

  • Configure
    Start by creating an iModel configuration. iTwinProjects and iModels are automatically loaded from you iModelHub account and you can select the correct configuration from the dropdowns. Then click Save to add this configuration to the iModel Manager.
  • Adding iModels to the project
    When the iModel has been configured you can add them to your project by clicking the Add button of the prefered configuration. An iModel will be added to the ObjectManager and can later be configured from there.
  • Configuring the iModel from ObjectManager
    Once the iModel is added to the ObjectManager it can later be configured by selecting it with the edit tool. From here you can configure what parts of the iModel that should be visible and also what should happen when the user clicks using the On Click settings.