Add a user to a Bentley Connect Organization

Access the Bentley Connect Center, go to

Every OpenCities Planner user has a Bentley Connect Center Organization created by default. The first step each OCP Instance owner needs to do is to invite the users that will be a part of the organization. Only after the users are added to an organization, can they be added to a ProjectWise project. Except for external users who can be added to the PW project directly, read more about it here.

In order to add users to your organization, click on the name of your organization in the top ribbon and then on the User Management tile below.

In the User Management settings you can add a user one by one or add multiple users at once (see screenshot). Here you can also edit or delete added users. Note that this will remove your users from your ProjectWise project as well.

Another way of adding users is by registering a domain. Once your domain is added (e.g., every user that registers with an email containing the domain (e.g., will automatically be added to the organization, all they need to do is log in.


First time users, when logging in for the first time, might need to request a new password, especially if they have been added via a domain.

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