Supported file formats, services and databases


Files and services supported by DataManager

Ortho and Map imagery:
  • Bing Maps
  • GeoTiff, GeoJPG, GeoPNG files with georeferenced worldfiles
  • WMS
  • Color (defined by you)
Digital Terrain/Surface model
  • Bing Maps
  • GeoTiff 32 bit float, GeoJPG, GeoPNG
  • WCS
  • Preprocessed A3X datasets
  • Fixed height (defined by you)
Mesh models
  • LODTree XML
  • 3D Tiles
  • Web-ready Scalable mesh
  • Preprocessed A3X datasets
  • Map Datasets
Vector Features and 3D model collections
  • KMZ or DAE (Collada) files
  • WFS
  • ESRI FeatureService
  • Vector data (points, lines, polygons) uploaded as shapefiles
  • GeoJSON
  • CityGML via 3DCityDB*
  • Geometry object from any spatial database such as PostGIS, Oracle spatial, Microsoft
  • CityGML objects from 3DCityDB
 Point Cloud
  • Point cloud data exported in OPC format from Orbit hosted on Bentley’s ContextShare
  • Point cloud data exported in OPC file format from Orbit

Files and services supported by the Project Editor

  • KMZ
  • Collada 1.4.1 (with positioning from Shape or KML)
Vector data
  • Shape, have to be georeferenced in the coordinate system used by the project
Terrain texturing
  • Shape, have to be georeferenced in the coordinate system used by the project
  • Images (JPG, PNG) with or without georeferencing world files
CAD & BIM models
  • iModels through the iModelHub (DWG, DGN, DXF, IFC, Revit, and more** )
Additional content
  • Points of interests with images, text, attachments, embedded content like videos and webpages
  • Questionnaire forms
  • Groups & Layers

* Connecting to databases and using iModels is enabled only for Premium subscriptions

** Through Microstation


There is a size limit on DataManager, it only allows a single source up to 500 GB of raw uploaded data. A map dataset can still be larger than 500 GB in case of combining multiple sources.