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OpenCities Planner Tutorials 2.0

It’s Back to School time at “OpenCities Planner University”. Over the summer we revised the Tutorials section. More images, more step-by-step instructions, more tasks, and most importantly – more tutorials!…

Showcase: SGU

SGU, the Geological Survey of Sweden, used OpenCities Planner along with 3D terrain from Lantmäteriet to create a 3D geological visualisation of the Falun Mine and Uppsala Esker Ridge. (more…)

Introducing the Sun Study tool

OpenCities Planner has long allowed the end user to control the path of the sun to render realtime shadows in the 3D world. We’ve now added a Sun Study export tool…

Showcase: Roskilde Festival

With rain in the forecast for Roskilde Festival, one of Europe’s largest music events, Niras used OpenCities Planner to create a “3D Mud Map” to help festival-goers set up their tent…

What is the value of improved communication?

It is certainly challenging to translate into monetary figures, but the use of 3D for improved communication shows great potential. Improved communication with citizens… (more…)

Showcase: Amiralstaden (Malmö)

Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city and Amiralstaden is Malmö’s most important city planning process. (more…)