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Export 3D released as a beta

The long awaited Export 3D feature is now available as a beta release. To use the Export 3D tool, either create a new Project (and save it) or open an…

OpenCities Planner Update, April 2017

New Features & Improvements We’ve launched a few really exciting features this month. The long awaited Export 3D feature is now available as a beta. Project Manager has also been…

Explaining the new menu interface

Display revision for Viewpoints, Project Content, and Dialogue Categories OpenCities Planner now shows Viewpoints, Project Content, and Dialogue Categories as menus. (more…)

OpenCities Planner Update, March 2017

New features & Improvements Groups & Viewpoints are now using a list style. The auto collapse group uses the same style. This new UI better supports projects with lots of…

Showcase: Sundbyberg Architectural Contest

Sundbyberg lies just north of Stockholm. It is the smallest and most densely populated municipality in the whole of Sweden. A ‘reality model’ was created by Terratec, using ContextCapture by @BentleySystems, to render…

OpenCities Planner Update, January 2017

Here’s whats new this month: New features & Improvements Object manager default names and renaming  Uploaded files now shows the filename in object manager for default. Objects that can carry…

Showcase: Stavanger rising sea level

Stavanger, Norway’s third largest city, is situated directly on the Atlantic coast. Rising sea levels will affect the entire Stavanger region, therefore a 3D visualisation was created to demonstrate how the…

Showcase: Stockholm sustainability map

The Stockholm Sustainability Map, or “Hållbara kartan” in Swedish, highlights innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions around Sweden’s capital. (more…)