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Clickable 3D Models: Tutorial Published

Until now, 3D Models were unclickable in OpenCities Planner. This is no longer so. Now you can not only click them, but there are a plethora of options available –…

Introducing Turn Key Projects

Are you looking to start working with OpenCities Planner but lack organisational resources or have a tight deadline approaching? We can do the work for you. Introducing… Turn Key Projects.…

OpenCities Planner VR officially released

Welcome to OpenCities Planner VR Good news everyone – Virtual Reality support has officially been released for OpenCities Planner Offline!  In Virtual Reality, the user wears a headset which immerses them…

OpenCities Planner Update, October 2017

Features Edit Lock An important piece of the collaboration puzzle has finally been added. Now, only one team member can edit a project at a time. (more…)