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OpenCities Planner Update, June 2021

Point clouds, Start Screen, FormBuilder and DataManager updates Exciting new features coming your way! We’ve updated OpenCities Planner with enhancements we’ve been working on for the last few months. Start…

OpenCities Planner Update, May 2021

So many things! OpenCities Planner is continuously updated, and in case you’ve missed the updates – here’s a quick recap of the most important things released over the last few…

OpenCities Planner Update, April 2020

Work less, do more with Templates In the latest OCP update, we’re introducing the concept of project templates. Also, we’re happy to announce that ShowRoom is now available for Azure,…

OpenCities Planner Update, February 2020

Good news everyone! OpenCities Planner was updated with mainly bug fixes and minor improvements. But there are a few new things that you might want to check out too! Shape…

OpenCities Planner Update, November 2019

We know, it’s been too long. But we’re back! And we bring new features… OpenCities Planner is now on Azure We are now hosting OpenCities Planner on Microsoft Azure. This…

A Mini-Showcase for Gothenburg

We’re more than overdue for a showcase, so let’s visit Sweden’s west coast and see how the city of Gothenburg is using OpenCities Planner Dialogue. (more…)