A new OpenCities Planner Release is here!

This Release includes Performance Improvements, Security Updates and Bug fixes. Get a deeper view on this Blog Post below.

Performance Improvements

  • Start Screen, Portal and project Navigation has now been improved, with an improved transition time.
  • Loading indication for iModels has now been added (yellow bar on the bottom of Editor Interface).
  • Optimized project view startup with itwin.js.
  • Improved iTwin loading spinner.
  • Telemetry for startup times has now been added. This gives us the ability to log  the timings our users experience, and evaluate improvements executed or needed further.
  • Pre-loading of ‘child’ scene background. When in a portal level, content of projects and subscenes starts loading before you access them.
  • Version of Library rendering upgraded to iTwin.js 3.7, improving iModel performance.

Bug Fixes

  • Start page dark overlay missing
  • iModel loading spinner until visible
  • BECS on-click null-pointer
  • Form Builder: Delete section/component in disabled
  • Misplaced layer buttons on the viewer
  • Optimize Model Texture

Security Updates

During this Release, we also focus on updating our OpenCities Planner Security. This update covers the following:

  • OCP backend has now been upgraded to Gradle 77 and Java 17
  • Change docker-image from Ubuntu to Alpine