Improved iModel configuration, Multi-select features and reporting, iOS fixes, ‘Locate me’ for mobile, ShowRoom idle animations

Do you want to check out all our latest updates that will enhance your work on OpenCities?

Have a look below at all our latest features and functions released in January!

Improved iModel configuration

When uploading multiple files like design files, Revit files, DWGs, you can now choose which file should be the one that defines the georeferencing system. This was previously only possible to do when uploading files using the iTwin Synchronizer. You can also pick which connector you want to use when transforming the uploaded files into an iModel. When files are created from multiple design applications such as OpenRoads, Microstation, etc., they hold information necessary for their conversion. If the correct connector is not specified, this data can be lost.

Multi-select features and create a report

With the new ”InfoClick” tool enabled, you can select multiple features in your project, and get a list of them with their properties displayed in columns. For instance, use this tool to select multiple POIsPolygons or 3D-models, and get a list of the selected objects – which then can be exported and shared. You can manage the selection by removing or adding features. 

To enable the tool, open Manage from the right-side bar, click on Tools, select InfoClick from the drop-down menu and check Enable in the Status box. The InfoClick tool will be added to the project toolbar. 

PDF/ Excel export

When you have selected objects with the tool, you can then export the  selection  as a PDF or as an Excel report. A screenshot of the current view is automatically added to the PDF so you can easily share and communicate the results to other users or include in presentations and documents. 

“Locate me” for mobile

The mobile project view now supports displaying your location in the map by using the device’s GPS sensor. This will for instance enable field workers to see their location in relation to an asset, and citizens can easily relate their whereabouts to a proposed development when viewing projects with their mobile device.

iOS fixes

Projects viewed on an iOS device will now perform better and be more reliable, due to multiple fixes for iOS.

ShowRoom idle animations

We have added Idle Animations to the iTwin enabled ShowRoom application. Idle Animations will automatically navigate and exploring the projects when the application has been left untouched for a while. This serves as an eye catcher and invites people to start engaging with the application. You can configure the idle timeout time in the ShowRoom settings.