OpenCities Update, December 2022

BECS data and visual filtering, Auto-Populate search values, Fixed Views and PDF Export for Advanced Query,  Linked Document Download, Multi-Level Start Screen, iTwin-enabled ShowRoom, iTwin.js 3.x .

Here are the highlights of all the things we have released since our previous Update.

BECS data and visual filtering 

The OpenCities team is currently working on a POC for Sydney Airport, linking their Maximo asset data to graphical representations in OpenCities. BECS is used as a gateway to access their asset data, work orders, and all related documents hosted in Maximo. The data can be displayed when the user clicks on a graphical object in OpenCities and thematic coloring based on filtering can also be performed. For instance, show assets in green/yellow/red depending on their status in Maximo.

This BECS and OpenCities integration is another step in surfacing all relevant data in a single point of access in OpenCities, and it can be enabled for users upon request.

Advanced Query

-Auto-Populate search values 

The Advanced Query Tool now automatically populates the possible values within the properties values list. The filtering of possible values is executed as the user chooses values for the properties. It is based on previous selections and the list will keep refining based on these selections.

This offers a better user experience, as the user does not need to know exactly what they need to search for.

This Advanced Query Tool is in a pilot phase and can be available to users on request.

-Fixed Views

A set of pre-defined Fixed Views can be set and curated by the Admin. This provides a much more simplified Advanced Search form for the end user, who does not need to list or select the search parameters themselves every time, but can used the Fixed Views instead.

-Export PDF

PDF and Excel reports from the search results of the Query, can now be exported. A screenshot of the Query is also automatically added in the PDF so the user can easily share and communicate the results to external users.

Linked Document Download

Advanced Query and Object selection searches are also available in the Advanced Query tool which now enables ProjectWise documents related to the Query executed in OpenCities to be brought up.

This way, OpenCities becomes a single access point for both the graphical representation and the documentation in ProjectWise with the available downloading option for the documents, providing any stakeholder quick access to all documents related.

Multi-Level Start Screen

A start screen can now be linked to other start screens, in an infinite number of levels. This new multi-level start screen structure offers users full flexibility and freedom to organize their projects’ content and information as they choose. This new feature comes with ‘Back’ and ‘Home’ buttons for easy navigation through levels or getting straight to the top of the tree.

iTwin-enabled ShowRoom

The latest ShowRoom version is now available. ShowRoom can now fully support iModels while remaining on the same functionality level as the online project view.

The data loading time has been significantly improved and datasets being loaded from disks are supported. The new ShowRoom provides a more reliable experience in events, such as exhibitions, and features a friendly UI.

iTwin.js 3.x

OpenCities has now been successfully upgraded from iTwin.js 2.x into 3.x. The most important feature in this update is improved iModel loading performance. This update keeps OpenCities compatible with the rest of the iTwin ecosystem as well as supporting new features, performance improvements and bugfixes.

General bug fixes & Improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Query results sidepanel resize
  • OCP loading problems on iPads
  • Export Dialogue comments as .shp
  • iModels doesn’t work from assets with iTwin 3
  • Sidepanel breaks in certain responsive breakpoints
  • OnClick detailswindow cannot edit​​
  • Query Manager – Crash on selecting destination project for Export
  • Fixed an issue with COLLADA-models in X- and Y-up
  • Fixed Materialized Views for PostGIS in DataManager
  • Fixed missing URL-encoding for 3DTiles from ContextShare
  • Fixed issues with PointClouds not loading
  • Load more than 100 projects and items in ContextShare
  • Login token handling fix for itwin 3
  • SEQ logging implementation instability

New features​

  • iModel loading stability improvements
  • ProjectView React ready
  • Add tests for iPad issue
  • PoC FactorySight component in OC365
  • Export search results to Excel list
  • Product Tests (PRD) in BCSM release pipelines
  • Stratos is now logging to SEQ
  • Added performance-logging in OCP
  • Account group can be specified with queryparam (For mobility integration)​


  • Remove iModel pre-loading
  • Reduce iModel backend TTL
  • Update cluster nodepool VMs
  • Future-proof telemetry with batching
  • Update ACR auth for daily tests
  • Improved performance of GetDatasets
  • Reviewed OWASP suppressions, fixed security issues
  • Deprecated old build pipelines in favour of BCSM pipelines
  • Site wordpress to static pages. (Increases speed & security)
  • iTwin 3.3, webpack 5