OpenCities Planner Update, February 2022

Drag and Drop CAD/BIM, Sources on DataManager, 3DTiles and Web-ready Scalable Mesh, iModel updates and improvements.

 Lots of great new things have been released this month, and here are the highlights.

Drag & Drop CAD and BIM files

A new, simplified workflow to add iModels to an OpenCities project allows all premium subscription Users to take an IFC, DWG, DGN, Revit (and more) file from their file system and just drop it on the OpenCities Editor interface. This smooth method of creating iModels, allows ad-hoc workflows and encompasses Connect Project linking, which is streamline sharing of users and iModels across OCP projects.

Connected projects

You can now assign OpenCities projects to a Connect project. Specify whether you want to establish a configuration between your OpenCities project to an Existing Connect project or create a New one and link them.

User Management with Roles

Need to keep track of all your Users across various related OpenCities projects? No worries. With the new Role-based User Management, you can keep track of each and every user being invited to individual projects!

Coming along with the configuration established between OpenCities and Connect projects, this unified User Management is a ‘one-to-one’ project administration that reduces the need to re-invite Users that already exist in one of these projects. You can simply add pre-existing Roles to your OpenCities project directly from the Connect project, and all included Users there, will be fetched automatically. No more need for individual, tedious User Management on every single project. With this Role-based access across all linked projects, your Users Management will be easier than ever.

Read more here: Configuring iModels in OCP

‘Information’ option for Sources in DataManager 

We are excited to announce that all your Sources in DataManager have now an ‘Information’ option available. Access that and find out which files have been used to create your Source and even see in which Map dataset has the Source been used in and in what way. Some legacy Sources might not display this information correctly.

3DTiles and Web-ready Scalable Mesh (W3SM) support in DataManager

OpenCities has now support for reality meshes in 3DTile and W3SM formats. Exported datasets in these formats can be now uploaded and processed in DataManager, and then used in OpenCities Editor.  

User Interface updates

New button for Support

Support has now become even more accessible because we want it to be easy for you to get the help you want. You can find the new, direct button on the Top Bar of the Editor Interface.

iModel Versions

No need to re-configure your iModel in order to choose another Version of it for your project. In the iModel Settings window, you can now see the information of the iModel and choose which iModel Version you want to use. All pre-defined Version will be listed and easily accessible here, ready to pick the one you want. Changed your mind? Get back to the Settings window and choose another one. It is that simple!

iModel Saved Views

Configuring your iModel using existing Saved Views has been redesigned for a better user experience. Choose one of the pre-defined configurations imported from the original CAD/BIM source file and test that yourself!

Improvements and bug Fixes

  • Improvements on Search highlight
  • Fixed provided for 3D-tiles datasets
  • WFS on-click actions
  • iModel interactions and conditional visibility restored
  • POIs over selected features, now remain intact
  • Resizable Project info sidebar is back
  • Attributes windows scrollbar
  • Images can once again be uploaded on POIs
  • Issue with WMS layer not respecting zindex of layer style has been fixed