OpenCities Planner Update, December 2021

Projected Features, GeoJPG, Details window, Interactions

We’ve updated OpenCitites Planner and some exciting new things have been released this week! These are the highlights.

Latest OpenCities Planner Updated Release

On Monday, December 20th, we released our last Update for 2021. This Update of OpenCities Planner brought many important fixes and we resolved issues you may have experienced:

  • The Projected features from DataManager are now drawn in the same order they are listed in Object Manager
  • We have now increased the resolution limit of the GeoJPG in DataManager
  • Uploading images to Details window bug fix
  • Interactions: conditional visibility on TerraImages bug fix

Security update for the Apache Log4j vulnerability

OpenCities Planner was updated on December 14th with a mitigation for the Log4j related security exploits.

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