OpenCities Planner Update, November 2021

iModel updates,  ContextShare support, DataManager new data types, UI updates, and IMS logins

Lots of great new things have been released over the last few months. These are the highlights.

iModel custom saved views and version selection

Custom saved views created in Design Review can now be used in OpenCities Planner. A custom saved view that you create in Design Review can be configured with precise granularity and contain additional rendering states that can be very useful. For instance:

  • Color modifications created with the “Data Visualization” tool
  • Section cuts created with the Section tools
  • Rendering modes, such as Wireframe and Monochrome
  • Configured visibility for layers / categories

You can also select a specific version of an iModel when you create a configuration.

DataManager updates

ContextShare support

ContextShare is Bentley’s central cloud storage solution to serve reality data such as reality models and point clouds. DataManager now has the option to use OPC point clouds stored in ContextShare as input to a Point Cloud Source in DataManager. Reality models stored in ContextShare are going to be supported shortly too.

New Feature inputs

You can now configure Feature Sources from new file types and services. The supported input types are

  • WFS (Web Feature Service)
  • ESRI ArcGIS FeatureServer
  • GeoJSON

These sources can be configured just like any other Feature Source with styling, attributes and made searchable.

Searchable Sources

Feature Sources can now be enabled for searching. You can configure which attributes should be searchable and then in your project enable one or several sources in the search tool. The search tool will also highlight and focus on the feature when you hover them in the results list.

User Interface updates

OnClick actions and Sidepanels

Layers can now have a OnClick action just like Points of Interests and other objects in the map. The OnClick action can show a Details Window, embed a web page or execute a javascript just like any other OnClick action.

In addition to showing the results in a Window, you can now also display as a Sidepanel with a custom width.

Mobile UI updates

We have polished the mobile user experience to provide more screenspace and an overall slicker look. Here’s what’s changed:

  • The project info top toolbar is now a button.
  • The project info window opens from the right just like Details windows.
  • Bottom bar with Layers and Tools have been moved to floating round buttons.
  • “Back to Portal” button is redesigned and moved to the bottom left corner.

IMS logins

OpenCities Planner now uses the Bentley Identity Management System (IMS) for user authentication. In other words, you can now login to OCP using the same user and password that you use for any other Bentley application. And, if you’re already logged in to one application, you won’t even have to log in again specifically for OCP.

This is great news for anyone who uses additional Bentley application and services since you do not have to keep an additional user for OpenCities Planner.