OpenCities Planner Update, June 2021

Point clouds, Start Screen, FormBuilder and DataManager updates

Exciting new features coming your way! We’ve updated OpenCities Planner with enhancements we’ve been working on for the last few months.

Start Screen

We’re introducing a new concept in OpenCities Planner – Start Screens. This is an alternative way of organizing related content and making it available to your end users. Similar to Portals, the Start Screen can bring several Projects and Portals into one view where the user can select what Project or Portal they want to dive into. And it’s always possible to go back to the Start Screen to select something else.

To create a Start Screen, create a new project as usual then go to Settings icon in the right button panel and click Project Grouping. Select Start Screen from the options and configure which Projects or Portals that you want to include and the images and text you want to use.

Point cloud support in DataManager

DataManager now supports uploading OPC files and configuring them for visualization in OpenCities Planner. Use the new Map Dataset and Source type “Point cloud” and upload your OPC file. After uploading, you’re ready to use it as a Map Dataset in the project view.

FormBuilder enhancements

Verification email

You can now require that the user verifies a submission via email. If this option is checked, after the user submits, an email with a verification link will be sent automatically to the email address that the user entered. When the user clicks the link, the submission is published.

In FormBuilder, click Require email verification to enable this feature. When checked, the email address field is a required component for the form and has to be mandatory. You can configure the instructions that the user sees and the text in the email that’s sent.

Category icons

Categories can have custom icons. You configure these by clicking an option, and selecting an icon from the icon library. You can upload your own icons to the icon library and use those if you can’t find a suitable icon from the default icons.

Submissions storage options

You now have the option to configure your form to save to the internal OCP storage structure, or to a Source in DataManager and event to your PostGres database that’s configured according to the OCP specification.

By storing the submissions as a Source in DataManager, you have more control of how to visualize the submissions with standard scripting and settings in DataManager.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • The iModel configuration now supports switching between versions
  • The loading time for the project view has been improved

DataManager enhancements

  • Use and reference icons from Icon Library when styling Feature Sources
  • Style POI Details Window from attributes (Image, Image byline, Description)
  • Dialogue submissions as source
  • Workflow enhancements

Mobile UI enhancements

  • Simplified user interface with more screenspace for content
  • Project info panel is now on the right just like in the desktop interface

Bug fixes

  • Mobileview WMS not loading issue
  • Mobile (iOS) POI issues (svgtopng)
  • Issues with interactions not being deselectable in object manager