OpenCities Planner Update, April 2020

Work less, do more with Templates

In the latest OCP update, we’re introducing the concept of project templates. Also, we’re happy to announce that ShowRoom is now available for Azure, and the 3D-model upload tool has been improved.


With Templates, you can create a foundation of commonly used content, forms and settings that your organization will reuse across projects for consistency and timesaving.

This replaces the “Background” concept that has been in OpenCities Planner for a long time. With Templates, you can pick what you want to import into your new project. Viewpoints, Project information, Background content, Groups & Layers, Dialogue Forms, Interface & Project Settings.

When importing, your existing project content will not be removed, so you can safely import from a template in any time of the project lifecycle.

To create a Template, all you need to do is save a project with the Save as Template option. And you edit an existing Template by going to the project manager and picking Templates from the dropdown menu at the bottom of the Project Manager windows.

ShowRoom for Azure

ShowRoom is a desktop application built for exhibitions, showrooms & operation centers. It synchronizes projects from the cloud and enables you to run them without Internet connection after sync. It also comes with friendly touch navigation and complete VR-capabilities. Now, it is available for OpenCities Planner users on Azure cloud as well. If you have the Exhibitor user role, then you can download and use the ShowRoom application.

Better 3D-model uploads

The 3D-model upload tool has gotten a major lift. Uploads now happens as a background process. That means, that you can keep using the editor while an upload is in progress and while a model is being processed server side. And, you can cancel at any time. You can even upload multiple files simultaneously and reuse previously uploaded models in your project by selecting them from the “Uploaded models” tab in the tool.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • New icons for Map Dataset and Instance settings and minor reorganisation of button placement
  • Updated Confirmation window with Yes/No save options and Cancel.
  • Bug fix for text labels being rendered behind input components
  • Scroll bug for mobile devices