OpenCities Planner Update, February 2020

Good news everyone!

OpenCities Planner was updated with mainly bug fixes and minor improvements. But there are a few new things that you might want to check out too!

Shape & WMS GetFeatureInfo support mobile interface

The popup window for displaying GetFeatureInfo results in the mobile interface has been improved. The results shows in a side panel just as Points of interests details window.

LODWindow setting on a dataset in DataManager

You can now set default LODWindow settings in DataManager for your Map Datasets. This means that you don’t have to specify it every time you add the map dataset to a project. To learn more about LODWindow Setting, have a look here.

iOS Data creation speed

The first time user on an iOS device used to have to wait quite a long time for the data to be prepared and served from the OCP server. The second user visiting the same area, would have a much better experience since the data is cached on requests. We have improved the generation process 5-10x so the first time user to a project using an iOS device will now have a much better user experience.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed export 3D tool not adding nodes if TerraImages, Shape or WMS layers drawn on the terrain.
  • Fixed broken Transparency control in public project view
  • Search backgrounds fixed
  • Warnings for incorrect/missing values in wizard
  • Default bounding boxes for datasets
  • WMS edit layer fix
  • WMS proxy fix
  • Tool icons can be reset to default
  • Trial upgrade button fix