OpenCities Planner Update, January 2019

This month we have a number of new features to share, including Mobile Support and Offline. Read on…

Mobile interface debuts

We’re excited to release the beta version of our new interface built for mobile devices! The mobile UI is enabled by default for all published project views, so there’s nothing you need to do to turn it on. It’s just a beta release, some features are missing and will be added soon – we’re already taking user feedback and designing improvements. Please send us a message via the support form if you have any issues.

Publish 360° Panorama Tours

The mobile interface also supports 360° tours – perfect for lower-end devices, situations with slower/less mobile data, and if you want to create a laser focused user experience.

360° Panorama supports:

  • Viewpoints become 360° hotspots
  • Project Info window
  • Points of Interest & their Detail Windows
  • Group & Layer toggling
  • Dialogue Forms, submit and view

You can experiment today! The beta Export tool is located just under the regular Publish icon in the Top Bar. Be mindful of the custom mobile tags, a stopgap solution for mobile-only text strings, while we continue to fully develop the features.

More information, instructions, and tips will be forthcoming. Stay tuned to the blog for the latest.

Custom Offline Start Menu Logo

The OpenCities Planner logo in the Offline Start Menu is now replaceable from settings application.

  1. Open the Misc tab and check the Custom option
  2. Choose a high resolution SVG or PNG locally stored on the computer

Tips: We recommend using a white/light coloured logo with a transparent background, similar to the default OpenCities Planner logo. If you’re unable to deploy such an image, use something with a solid background so it does not disappear over the near-black background.  

Save Screenshots in Offline

Hit “Print Screen” on your keyboard to save a screenshot to the Offline installation folder

Bug Fixes

  • Shape file memory handling in portals
  • Portal markers with custom size not working correctly in Offline
  • Point of Interest scaling in 4K
  • Point of Interest not working in Safari
  • Scrolling Project Info with touch not working in Offline
  • WMS GetFeatureInfo Window shown behind the interface
  • Point of Interest loses customisation on Edit Tool click
  • Dialogue markers cannot be added on projected images
  • Dialogue minor fixes for Offline
  • Offline license locking reviewed
  • Typos in Swedish