Quick Summer Tip: Outline Style Icon Markers

Here’s a easy way to make icon-style POIs stand out

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Icon Library / Outline Tab

Outline style icons are ideal for use with Points of Interest, as the outline serves the contrast needed for display over an array of different background styles and colours.

Want to give it a shot, here’s all you need to do:

  1. Create or edit a Point of Interest
  2. In the Style section, select Icon Only
    Icon Only
    Poi: Icon Only Style
  3. Click the Change Icon button, in the Icon Options sub-section
  4. In the Icon Library window that appears, switch to the Outlines tab via the dropdown menu
    Icon Library, Outline Tab
    Icon Library, Outline Tab
  5. Choose your desired icon, now optimised for in-map use!

Here are some examples

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Inner Icons

Another use for the outline style markers is using them inside of a light coloured POI, or any situation where you are using light colours – as they lack contrast to couple with the standard white icons.

Icon Marker, Comparing Inner Contrast
Icon Marker, Comparing Inner Contrast


Did you know you can even choose “None” to simply use a text label marker?