OpenCities Planner Update, November 2017

New Features

VR support officially released for OpenCities Planner Offline!

OpenCities Planner VR Released

After a few months of working with beta testers running OpenCities Planner VR, we’re thrilled to finally release it for all OpenCities Planner Offline users.

Setting Up: Run the Sync Tool to update to the latest version, then open Settings and enable VR mode. Make sure you have pre-configured your VR environment. OpenCities Planner VR has been tested with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Embed Websites in POI Windows

An embed option has been added to the Point of Interest details window – it will work just like Project Info. You can easily embed webpages in the Details popup window by selecting the Embedded option and adding a URL.

Major Improvements

Backgrounds Window Redesigned

The design of the Backgrounds window has been updated, matching the style and functionality of Project Manager.

A search feature has been added and backgrounds are now sorted by Organisation – very helpful for power users with many backgrounds and/or multiple organisations.

Backgrounds OSMNote: Flat ground and No Background are now found in a new section called “Default”, which comes last in the list.

OSM Styles Improves & Mapbox Styles Added

We’ve also improved the free OSM 3D backgrounds! A new OpenCities Planner style called Blueprint has been added, plus we updated and improved the existing backgrounds. In addition to small improvements, we fixed the scaling of roads and labels so OpenCities Planner looks just as good for megalopolises like New York and Tokyo as it does for small Scandinavian hamlets. 

Backgrounds / OSM / OpenCities Planner Blueprint
Backgrounds / OSM / OpenCities Planner Blueprint

Furthermore, we’ve added 7 new default Mapbox styles to OpenCities Planner – making all kinds of new and creative use cases possible.

Backgrounds / OSM / Mapbox Outdoors
Backgrounds / OSM / Mapbox Outdoors

To access the new & improved OSM Backgrounds, simply find your way to the OpenStreetMap section in the Backgrounds window.

Minor Improvements

  • The offline sync progress bar has been vastly improved – it now correctly reports download speed and progress
  • A plethora of dialogue style fixes
  • The Top Bar is now responsive, meaning it works better in smaller windows / at lower screen resolutions

Notable bugs

  • 3D Export – Re-imported model rotated slightly
  • Interactions from project leaks into parent Portal
  • Portal with same interaction as child project breaks the interaction
  • Edit lock not releasing on closing browser window or timing out
  • Offline – Shadow sliders not working properly in 4k resolution
  • Offline – API calls not working properly
  • Offline – POI window, embedded iframes width and height ignored
  • Offline – scrolling in embedded websites
  • Offline – POI details window text overflow
  • Offline – custom icon sizes for layers/groups not working
  • Offline – memory leak issues