OpenCities Planner Update, October 2017


Edit Lock
An important piece of the collaboration puzzle has finally been added. Now, only one team member can edit a project at a time.

When someone else attempts to open the same project, OpenCities Planner will show a warning and only grant viewing access until the editing team member closes the project.


Locked out user
Locked out user

New API calls
OpenCities Planner has a minimal API for scripting and controlling things such as layer/group visibility. We have now added API capabilities to fly the camera to a new position, move between project-and-portal via script, open up a Point of Interest, control the terrain opacity, and set the time & date to control shadows. The API works from any POI window, the Project Info window, embedded web pages and also in cases where you embed a OpenCities Planner project in an iframe. You can basically create your own GUI now.

Read more about the OpenCities Planner API


The Details Window has gotten a slimmer look. It still supports all the same features, but takes a lot less space and better matches other UI elements.

GetFeatureInfo window style has gotten a major face lift, too, aligning it with the Details Window look and feel.

Notable bug fixes

  • OSM3D can now be exported
  • Cannot log out issue solved
  • Saving in FormBuilder always brings back both dialogue buttons, issue solved
  • WMS 1.1 not working in Offline, issue solved