OpenCities Planner Update, August & September 2017

Here’s what’s new & improved in the world of OpenCities Planner


  • Elevation Rendering is released – pick colours for two elevation values and this tool will draw your terrain and city model as a height map, interpolating colours between the values.
    Elevation Rendering in Stockholm
  • Shadow Options added to Sun Study – enhance the rendered shadow by dimming the terrain or by controlling the shadow opacity.
    Sun Study Shadow Settings
  • Quality setting is added to Export 3D – this affects the quality as well as the size of the area you can export.3D Export Quality


  • For Dialogue, the style of visited suggestions has changed. Both the markers and panel suggestions have folded style after being visited. Previously, panels were grey and the markers had no indication.
    Visited suggestions
  • Category text has been added to the Suggestion Window, complementing the colour indication.
    Category text
  • Publish has been revised. It’s now an icon on the left side of the Top Bar, the window itself has also been improved.
    Publish location
  • The Save window has been redesigned, better UI added clarity for multiple-organisation users.
  • The Portal Marker tab was moved from the Interface window to the Portal Settings window.
  • Portal Markers are now previewed in both the window and on the map (while the Portal Marker tab is open).
    Portal Marker update
  • Start Settings have been moved to the Settings window.
  • The Typography window redesigned.
  • Custom typography support added for the Toolbar.
    Toolbar typography
  • Object Manager: Top level groups are now collapsible, and the state is remembered after closing.
  • The OpenStreetMap styles have been revised – road sizing was improved to support different sized communities, colours were tweaked, and “administration lines” (e.g. state and provincial borders) were added.
    OSM Admin Levels added
  • The “Low” graphics setting is redefined to better support lower end devices.
  • Standardisation of interface elements in the Editor.
  • Time & Date picker for Sun Study is improved.
  • The Icon Library was updated, now including Portal and Toolbar assets.
  • Keyboard shortcut: Press ESC to close Project View windows.

Notable Bugs

  • Export Screenshot, upscaled images now work on MacOS systems with retina screens.
  • Shadows are working properly for Max graphics in Safari/MacOS.
  • Font weight issues are fixed for MacOS browsers.
  • Project Info image captions are working again.
  • Dialogue window closing when the form title is too long.
  • Default type size is back.
  • Interactions not working when re-entering a subproject from a portal.
  • Project Manager closing on open.
  • Internet Explorer project loading