Showcase: Linköping’s clever use of the Project Info Panel

OpenCities Planner is very flexible and user-focused. Creative users are constantly unlocking its power with their creativity.

For this month’s showcase we will travel to Linköping, a city of over 100,000 inhabitants – Sweden’s seventh largest – and shine a spotlight on their clever use of the Project Info Panel to link dialogue projects.

Mjärdevi och Västra Valla
Mjärdevi och Västra Valla

Organisation is the Foundation

Rather than overcomplicate a single OpenCities Planner project with too much information, Linköping created separate projects and linked them using Project Info, as a Panel, with embedded content. The embedded website contains a header, with large attractive button links to the related projects.

The projects share the same style and configuration, creating a seemless integration and excellent user experience.

Links to the sub-projects
Links to the sub-projects

Furthermore, the sub-projects have dialogue forms. This inventive solution allows the municipality to create several specific forms within the same overarching structure – thereby cultivating the best community feedback.

Check it out yourself

Here’s a link to the project:

All of the content is in Swedish only, but if you want to explore the project simply use the large buttons in the Project Info Panel to navigate between sub-projects.

It may inspire you.


Another advantage is displaying different information in each sub-project’s panel, something not possible in a single project