SGU, the Geological Survey of Sweden, used OpenCities Planner along with 3D terrain from Lantmäteriet to create a 3D geological visualisation of the Falun Mine and Uppsala Esker Ridge.

SGU 3D: Falun Mine
SGU 3D: Falun Mine

Anatomy of the Project

This project uses several advanced features. Let’s walk through its anatomy.

  • Embedded Project Info Panel – Project Info was configured as a panel with an embedded website. An embedded website is ideal for displaying advanced web content.
  • Target Links – The links in the embedded Project Info panel were configured to control OpenCities Planner. Presenting content in this fashion gives the administrator an alternative way of presenting their project — with more granular control.
  • Transparency – When visualising underground content, transparency is critical. The Transparency slider is used to view content such as the underground mine.
  • WMS Layers – Information from SGU’s internal Web Map Service was added to the project in order to integrate geo-referenced data.
  • 3D Models – This project is packed with 3D models of various sizes and styles, explore and see what you can find.
  • Points of Interest – Offer contextual information for specified areas, as always.