Showcase: Roskilde Festival

With rain in the forecast for Roskilde Festival, one of Europe’s largest music events, Niras used OpenCities Planner to create a “3D Mud Map” to help festival-goers set up their tent in a dry place.

Roskilde Festival 3D Mud Map
Roskilde Festival 3D Mud Map

Setting Up the Project

To create the Mud Map, several core OpenCities Planner features were used. Let us explore…

  • 3D Models  – The tents, stages, trees, and festival infrastructure were all added as simple 3D models
  • WMS Layer – For putting the mud into the Mud Map, a WMS service was configured to indicate flooding areas in blue
  • WMS Layer – You might think the 2D map of the festival was an XL Terrain Image draped over the 3D terrain, but this was also set up using WMS
  • Points of Interest (label only) –  Used for indicating the various venues and tent areas

Success Story

The Roskilde Mud Map was a huge success, generating over 8,200 page views before and during the festival which ran from June 30th to the 7th of July.

The average visitor was using OpenCities Planner for nearly 3 minutes. Not only did thousands of users visit, but they were very engaged (and presumably dry).