OpenCities Planner Update, February 2017

Here’s what’s new since the last update.

New Features & Improvements

  • Legacy customers can now migrate to the new version of OpenCities Planner. Account admins for Legacy accounts have received an upgrade protocol. Let us know if you need help with this process. For Legacy users, you might want to check out our Tutorials to get up to speed with the new interface. Happy CityPlanning!
  • Project Settings has been moved to Settings

  • Layer loading indicator. The Layer button spins when loading content

Bug fixes

  • Portal markers preventing zoom
  • All feature Layers can be pickable for interactions, e.g. hiding trees
  • Offline bug fixes for High and Extreme graphics modes as well as Autopilot crash fix
  • WMS objects are deletable
  • Project View is now using the correct WMS-cache
  • Internet Explorer 11 font fix
  • Ground View altitude increased
  • Many text and style fixes