OpenCities Planner Update, January 2017

Here’s whats new this month:

New features & Improvements

Object manager default names and renaming 

  • Uploaded files now shows the filename in object manager for default.
  • Objects that can carry a Label now shows the label next to the name in Object manager.
  • You can rename any group/layer or object by double clicking on the name in Object manager.

Show project content in parent Portal

You can now set a group or layer in a project to also show when included in a Portal. This is useful for when you want to show a preview of the project in the Portal overview or when you want certain objects to always show.

Go to the properties page for the layer you want this behavior for and switch to the subpage “Include in”. Choose if you want to show the layer both in the project and the portal, or only in the project or portal.


  • Grid is now only drawn if Empty terrain has been added to the project. Improves performance not to draw it.
  • Interactions can now be saved with a background. For instance, if you hide a building in the background with an interaction and replace it with an uploaded building.
  • Visibility range & fade setting now works when toggling layer/group visibility.
  • No more random re-ordering of objects in object manager.